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3nine AB

3nine är ett svenskt teknikutvecklingsbolag som utvecklar lösningar för rening av processluft. Den revolutionerande tekniken som är baserad på centrifugalseparering, möjliggör en extremt hög reningsgrad i ett mycket kompakt format. Till skillnad från traditionella tekniker, är 3nines oljedimavskiljare förknippade med ett minimum av underhåll.


Company name:3nine AB
Address:Box 1163
Zip code & City:131 27 Nacka Strand
Visitor address:Cylindervägen 12, 5 tr
Zip code & City:Nacka
Contact person:John Elliot
Phone number:08-6013540
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ABENE Machine AB

Manufacturer of Milling Machines in more than 70 Years. Your partner for profitability, now, and in the future. A solid well reputated product with a network of contacts for sales / after sales / spareparts all over the world.

Abene spindle angle commercial Abene orig. VHF-680-2ax table


Company name:ABENE Machine AB
Address:Box 147
Zip code & City:615 23 Valdemarsvik
Contact person:Johnny Prydz
Phone number:0123-51175
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E2 Systems en del av Tubex AB

Drilling Units, Tapping Units, Milling Units

Additional info
E2 Systems specialise in the design and production of Drilling, Tapping, Milling and Grinding units. The business is based on long experience and cutting-edge competence within the hydraulic and pneumatic technologies as well as metal working. The products are of compact design in order to offer high performance and save space. E2 products are in operation in practically all countries of the world
through the distribution by E2´s representatives or delivered as vital components of other manufacturers´ equipment. E2 is conveniently located in Borås, only 20 minutes away from the Gothenburg International Airport. Customers in Europe and the US can normally be reached within 24 hours. Consequently virtually all users of E2 products benefit from short delivery times thanks to theefficiency of the E2 production and speedy transports.


bes2122k_alt2svart beg551_66


Company name:E2 Systems en del av Tubex AB
Address:Box 10057
Zip code & City:507 62 Borås
Contact person:Kjell Mässgård
Phone number:0140-19041
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Håmex Hårdmetallverktyg AB

Tools in tungsten carbide such as Grinding Extensions and Tools for Nail Manufacturing.

Additional info

Håmex manufactures also customerdesigned tungsten carbide tools for powderpressing, punching and cutting and also grinding in CNC-grinding machines. Prompt delivery and close cooperation with the customer is an important part of Håmex´s activities.


Företagsnamn:Håmex Hårdmetallverktyg AB
Adress:Box 1117
Postnummer & Ort:581 11 Linköping
Besöksadress:Sättunagatan 5
Postnummer & Ort:582 73 Linköping
Kontaktperson:Mikael Dohrmann
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Högskolan Gävle

Education and Research at a Scenic Campus
Högskolan i Gävle has approximately 15 000 students, more than 50 study programmes and second-cycle programmes, about  500 courses in humanities, social and natural sciences and technology.

Research Profiles
Built Environment and Health-promoting Working Life are the general research profiles of the higher education institution. Important parts included are Spatial Planning with a specialization in Sustainable Built Environment and Musculoskeletal Disorders with the purpose to prevent work-related injuries.

Distance Education
Earlier than the more traditional universities and higher education institutions, we have adapted the programmes to the demands of the market and dared to try new types of teaching e g different forms of distance education. Today, Högskolan i Gävle is one of Sweden’s leading higher education institutions when it comes to distance education.


Company name:Högskolan Gävle
Address:CLIP-Centrum för Logistik och Innovativ Produktion
Zip code & City:801 76 Gävle
Contact person:Matz Lenner
Phone number:0734 310909
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Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan. KTH

Additional info
KTH accounts for one-third of Sweden’s technical research and engineering education capacity at university level. Education and research cover a broad spectrum – from natural sciences to all the branches of engineering as well as architecture, industrial engineering and management, urban planning, work science and environmental engineering. In addition to the research carried out by KTH’s Schools, a large number of both national and local Competence Centres are located at KTH. Various research foundations also finance a number of research programmes.

KTH offers programmes leading to a Master of Architecture, Master of Science in Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, licentiate or doctoral degree. The university also offers a technical preparatory programme for non-scientists and further education. There are a total of just over 12,000 full-year equivalent undergraduate students, more
than 1,400 active post-graduate students and 3,600 employees.


Company name:Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan. KTH
Address:Inst. för industriell produktion
Zip code & City:100 44 Stockholm
Visitor address:Brinellvägen 68
Contact person:Bengt Lindberg
Phone number:08-7906377
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Mircona AB

Cutting tools in carbide, ceramics or superhard materials for turning and milling.

Additional info
MIRCONA is a Swedish company with its head office in the city of Gävle, Sweden. The main activity of the company has since it was founded in year 1948, been design, marketing and sales of metal removal carbide cutting tools. Originally the product range consisted solely of special tools adapted to customers request. Today a complete range of turning and milling tools with related inserts in carbide or ceramics is being offered.


Company name:Mircona AB
Address:Lötängsgatan 5
Zip code & City:803 01 Gävle
Contact person:Michael Jonsson
Phone number:026-129345
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Nederman Distribution Sales AB

Industrial air filtration and resource management.

Additional info
We filter, clean, recycle and create eco-efficient production of industrial environments. The metal fabrication industry, fiber-based industries, process industries and the automotive aftermarket are some of the places where Nederman products makes a clear difference. Worldwide. Every day. Year round.

We offer eco-efficiency For us, the concept of eco-efficiency is a very tangible reality in which we create both economic and ecological efficiency. The economic efficiency aims to streamline production, improve product quality and minimize environmental
charges. The ecological efficiency is about improving the environment and safety for our customers through efficient material usage, lower energy consumption and reduced emissions. It is also about strengthening our customers’ brands and create safe, attractive workplaces.

Our offer includes everything from design to installation, commissioning and servicing. Sales are carried out via subsidiaries in 30 countries and agents and distributors in over 30 countries. Nederman develops and produces in its own manufacturing and assembly units in Europe, North America and Asia.



Company name:Nederman Distribution Sales AB
Address:Box 602
Zip code & City:251 06 Helsingborg
Visitor address:Sydhamnsgatan 2
Zip code & City:252 28 Helsingborg
Contact person:Hans Dahlén
Phone number:042-18 87 00
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Oerlikon Balzers Sandvik Coating AB


Additional info
Oerlikon Balzers Coating is the world’s leading supplier of coatings that significantly improve the performance of tools and precision components.

The coatings, marketed under the BALINIT® brand name, are extremely thin, harder than steel and lead to a decisive reduction in friction and wear.

Oerlikon Balzers Coating develops coatings and coating processes, markets systems and production equipment. We provide a contract coating service in a global network that currently includes more than 80 production centres in Europe, America and Asia.

In the Nordic countries Oerlikon Balzers Coating is represented by Oerlikon Balzers Sandvik Coating AB, a joint-venture between OC Oerlikon Corporation AG (51%) and AB Sandvik Coromant (49%).


Company name:Oerlikon Balzers Sandvik Coating AB
Address:Årstaängsvägen 31 D-E
Zip code & City:117 43 Stockholm
Contact person:Göran Hansson
Phone number:08-681 41 41
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Siemens AB

Siemens AB supplies products, solutions, services and engineering to the branches of communication, industrial automation, building technology, security systems, medical solutions, power engineering and transportation.

Additional info
The automation engineering department delivers control systems, drives, motors and software for machine tools and handling equipment. It also offers a project, programming and servicing capability.

TAC F80 Drehen


Company name:Siemens AB
Zip code & City:194 87 Upplands Väsby
Contact person:Rose-Mari Söderlund
Phone number:+468-728 1488

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